THIRD EDITION program five

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Get up and look
around you.
Once blue, the sky turned red with shades of burnt orange, ochre, rust.
What’s your flavour?
It was the blues,
but now it seems,
I scream, for tangerine dreams.
No really,
the orange-red is near.
Take me
to where it’s warm and tart
to where the days are long and memories are as distorted as static.

program 5 of 12
December 2 – December 14

Vote for your favourite experimental film or video art piece between December 2 and the last day of the screening, December 14. Rules.

artist response

Shon Kim, whose work BOOKANIMA: Dance appears in program 10 (February 17 – March 1), responded to our fifth program :

It is a feast of raw underground videos that do not know where they are going. The mumble and squeak of ice cream sounds as honest messages of peace rather than the lusty false slogans of foolish humans. In the midst of being distracted by a series of montages and jump cuts, finally I collapsed by the laser beam fired from pus***, as if attaining the cinematic light of salvation.

For this edition we invited selected artists to respond to one of the 12 programs in the medium of their choice. Thank you to all participants, we are endlessly humbled by your contribution.


The First United Ice Cream Assembly Closes Today – Hailing Liu

2:57 · Shenzhen/USA · 2020

This is a short experimental film narrated in a news format. In this film, the story begins in a world where people have jelly blue faces. By the narration from a fictitious news media, the Something News, ice cream becomes a representation of peace in this world, and there is a formal organization, United Ice cream, devoting to address specific assemblies as a form of “ice cream politics”. The project explores screen reality, efficiency of information provided by news and personal will of political choices.

I Wake Up with a Flower in my Hand – Malic Amalya

9:03 · USA · 2021

In January 1996, high school sophomore outcasts, Kasten Searles and Mothra (aka Malic Amalya) aired their cable access television show “Killer Janitors” across the Burlington, Vermont area where they lived. Filming on mini-VHS tapes, the show was shot in their high school hallways, library, and cafeteria, in surrounding wooded areas, in downtown eateries, on bus rides home, through culvert pipes, and during weekend sleepovers. Edited on an analogue VHS system at the local cable access station, their final cut was a single 30-minute episode of video art, influenced by music videos, DIY zine culture, and Unsolved Mysteries. “I Wake Up with a Flower in my Hand” is a 25-year anniversary remix of “Killer Janitors.” Using all original footage and adding no special effects, the new cut focuses on how the best friends saw each other and understood themselves within the context of their friendship, high school, home lives, and a world beyond their confinements—felt but not yet touched.

THESE DAYS ARE LONG – Marcelese Cooper

12:43 · USA · 2020

A space and time just beyond our dreams but never beyond the waves, THESE DAYS ARE LONG is an experimental piece that sits between that of a documentary and a poem constructed of memories of the pre/early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic (within Houston, TX). These days are long and our memories of them are ephemeral.

Running from the Red Sun – Sarah Little

5:35 · USA · 2021

Running from the Red Sun is an experimental non-fiction film that covers an especially chaotic period of the filmmaker’s life. This film observes layers of turmoil such as wildfire/climate change, death/loss, the Coronavirus pandemic, forced movement, and the American political climate of 2020.

Triangle – Victor Bonacore

24:30 · USA · 2020

A pre-apocalyptic memoir of the last man on earth. No Gods, only Goddesses.


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