THIRD EDITION program seven

3.7 momus

jiggle jiggle
wiggle wiggle
jump jump up up
side to side side to side
delight delight
pew pew
ew ew
trash trash

good times

program 7 of 12
January 3 – January 15

Vote for your favourite experimental film or video art piece between January 3 and the last day of the screening, January 15. Rules.

artist response

Unidad de Montaje Dialéctico (UMD), an art collective from Mexico, responded to our current program! You will see their piece “Cabo Tuna or The Management of the Sky” in program 3.9, streaming on February 2nd until the 14th.

An experimental text-montage by Unidad de Montaje Dialéctico in response to burnt 3.7, momus:

[00:01:05] How much pain credit have you absorbed this year?

[00:17:48] I just… I’m hungry for people, you know?

[00:17:52] What?

[00:17:53] Sorry. That was vaguely creepy. I mean I want friends. And I have this unreasonable Jesus complex that makes me fall for anyone.

[00:06:04] I can’t really relate, Charlie. I’m sorry.

[00:49:01] Σκότωσα τον καλύτερό μου φίλο.

[00:06:06] What’s up with you, man?

[01:03:00] Give me some romance instead.

[00:06:18] If you don’t feel it, then it’s not real.

[00:06:14] I just want a girl that makes me feel my dick.

[00:01:44] You are cute, but you are an entitled cunt.

[00:03:06] Oh, thank you. You are my best friend.

[00:49:01] Σκότωσα τον καλύτερό μου φίλο.

[00:38:55] Someone’s gonna do something someone else will regret.

[00:22:24] Come on, Charlie, you understand. You’re a bad boy. I just happen to be a worse girl.

[01:03:44] I go at a maddening state.

[00:15:40] Of course I’m armed.

[00:30:04] Do you even love me?

[00:15:35] No. I haven’t found her yet. She couldn’t have gone far, though.

[00:11:06] She was 17. She fell asleep at the wheel and almost killed her best friend. Really? So now, like whenever she drives, she never closes her eyes. She literally stops every block to safely blink. And then she starts driving again

[00:12:01] but it’s still quicker than walking.

[00:06:12] What do you want, Jordan?

[00:24:22] I just want McDonald’s.

For this edition we invited selected artists to respond to one of the 12 programs in the medium of their choice. Thank you to all participants, we are endlessly humbled by your contribution.


Subscription-based – Olivier Bonenfant

3:00 · Australia · 2019

One woman will not be able to renew a subscription to an essential service. Her friend is ready to do anything to help her. An absurdist exploration of limbs-as-a-service the same way some software we use in arts has been turned into software-as-a-service. There is also a strong will in this short film to explore bad experiences as a currency as if to gain experience you had to generate misfortunes in your life to generate usable currency and the challenges of generating events in a stale, organised world.

Bag Your Face – Keith Eyrich

20:08 · USA · 2020

Thrills, pills, bats, also opossums! GenreBlast Film Festival described it as “kind of like a 90’s after school show special crossed with…an Adult Swim show…completely bonkers and out-of-control…”

The Rimmers – Personal Shopper – Alex Eisenberg, Candy Gigi, Tom Joseph

14:00 ·UK· 2019

London’s most shamelessly Jewish family and the hosts of London’s infamous queer Jewish clubnight Buttmitzvah THE RIMMERS have made a short film called Personal Shopping. Self shot in public using an iPhone, Personal Shopping follows Jewish Princess Becky’s search for the perfect dress for her Bat Mitzvah – expect blood, tears and complimentary hot chocolate. Since 2016, The Rimmers have been making short videos which satirise and queer the traditional British Jewish family. Mother Gaye (Alex Eisenberg), father Mervyn (Tom Joseph) and 12 year old daughter Becky (Candy Gigi) have staged comedic performances and audacious interventions in various public spaces, self-filming their antics.

Gaze Returned/Detourned – Anya Liftig

5:00 · USA · 2020

An intimate encounter at the craft store goes awry. Part of a series of work about lonely breasts that are seeking confrontational ways to return the gaze. Ultimately, unable to deal with the constant onslaught of eyes, they attack. Performance for camera.

I Killed My Best Friend – Eirini Tampasouli

16:29 · Greece · 2020

A girl trying to cope with the death of her friend.

Hat, Where Is It? – Giorgos Efthimiou

4:40 · Greece · 2020

Strange things are happening when you lose your hat.

Life – Mohammad Mohammadian

0:04 · Iran · 2020

Life is so short and fast.


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