Burnt Fest 2017 – First Edition

BEVAF First Edition Finished


The very first edition of Burnt Fest was held on December 9, 2017 in Montreal, Canada. We want to express our gratitude to everyone who helped us make this happen, and supporting us. Huge thanks to the artists who created the works, the jury who selected the works and compiled the program, the organizers, people who came to enjoy the screening, and of course Kafein café-bar for hosting the event.

The works / artists presented for our first screening:

The works / artists presented for our first screening:
1. “A Day A Dog In Cuba” (04:35) by Àngels Melange, Spain www.angels-melange.com
2. “Positive Message III” (02:52) by Nэno Bэlchэv, Bulgaria www.nenobel.net
3. “Vision” (02:26) by Nadia Mytnik-Frantova, Canada
4. “Gashouse egg” (01:19) by Melissa Tamporello, Canada
5. “Dear Beloved” (06:21) by Orkhan Huseynov, Azerbaijan www.orkhanhuseynov.com
6. “Selfie Stick” (01:00) by Alberto Mazarro, Spain www.youtube.com/AlbertoMazarro
7. “Daze” (04:35) by Manuel Vélez-Arboleda, Colombia www.vimeo.com/manuelvelezarboleda
8. “Butterfly’s Burden” (05:10) by Marjan Ansari Pirsaraei, Iran/Canada
9. “Abandoned land” (12:30) by
 Simo Saarikoski, Finland https://simosaarikoski.wordpress.com/ https://vimeo.com/simosaarikoski


10. “BlackCat & i-Pad” (00:23) by Nэno Bэlchэv, Bulgaria www.nenobel.net
11. “Wasteland” (03:41) by Nicolas Nguyen, Canada https://www.behance.net/NicolasNguyen
12. “Post DIY” (12:18) by Lucine Talalyan, Armenia queeringyerevan.blogspot.com
13. “Passage” (01:12) by Lesya Nakoneczny, Canada
14. “Don Federico” (07:54) by Agustina Isidori, Argentina www.aisidori.com
15. “Beauty Matters” (10:45) by Chandler McMurray-Ives, Canada
16. “And So I Said” (05:35) by Sylvia Toy, USA
17. “No Gods No Managers” (05:11) by Dan Stewart, USA thedanstewart.com


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