Burnt Experimental Video Art and Film 2018


Call for submissions. Deadline: November 1, midnight EDT

Based in Montreal, Canada, Burnt Experimental Video Art and Film Festival is back with its second international edition! This year, we will continue promoting works by emerging experimental video artists and filmmakers. We are looking to show radical experimental video art and film, whether abstract, absurd, comedic, critical, queer or uncanny.

Our jury is comprised of experimental video artists, experimental filmmakers, and art critics from various national backgrounds, and living in Montreal, Canada. As such, traditional fiction, documentary or other conventional genres are not supported by our fest.

Themes emerge as the selection process happens, and priority will be given to experimental works that explore urgent personal, social, economic, political, philosophical issues, either specific to the country of the artist, or worldwide. Deadline for submissions is November 1, midnight EDT (or simply Montreal time).

The screenings will be held in Montreal on December 13 in The Diving Bell Social Club. The fest is 100% independently organized and made possible thanks to the volunteer efforts of the organizers, and the jury. Just as last year, we’re keeping the submission process free of charge. Although we are not able to provide a screening fee to all the selected artists, we will have prizes for Audience Choice and Jury Choice categories. The funds for the prizes will be formed from small entry fees (aka tickets) for the actual screening events. The submission is open to emerging experimental video artists and filmmakers internationally.


– submit experimental video art and film; do not submit such genres as: documentaries, traditional fiction, action, thriller, music videos, etc:

– fill out and submit the application form online;

up to 2 works per artist, only one will be screened if selected;

– submit two separate application forms (one for for each work), if you are submitting two videos;

– maximum duration of 20 minutes, minimum of 1 second;

– recent works (we’ll let you decide what is recent for you);
– works that are not in English or French must have French or English subtitles;

– the finished video or film you are applying with must be your original work, plagiarism won’t be tolerated;

send 1-2 stills from your video in JPEG format to burn.t.fest@gmail.com. Name your file accordingly: FirstnameLastname_TitleOfWork.jpg (if you grant your permission the still will be used for our archive and for promotional purposes, such as:  to welcome each applicant artist on our facebook and instagram pages; if the work is selected, we will also use the still to promote the screening).

Submissions that don’t respect ALL the guidelines WILL NOT BE REVIEWED AT ALL.

Selected artists will be contacted to provide a download link to AVI or MP4 full HD file (1920x1080p). If the work has subtitles, we’d prefer having an .srt file as opposed to subs burnt on video. The audience would also feel more comfortable.


First, ALL the works that do not respect the guidelines mentioned in the call, are taken out of the competition list before the selection process starts.

Second, we start by watching your work. We are not starting with checking how many academic degrees, exhibitions or screenings you’ve had, or which country you’re from. If the work sparks/shows discussion/reflection/questioning, we look at the accompanying information, such as: synopsis, artist statement, etc. After shortlisting the candidates, it becomes a matter of holding long and even difficult discussions to decide the overall flow of the program, and the final selection of works.

Looking forward to seeing your art!

Questions? Feel free to contact us at: burn.t.fest@gmail.com