first edition final selection stills gallery

“A Day A Dog In Cuba” (04:35) by Àngels Melange, Spain
One day, wandering in Cuba… Until the end.

“Positive Message III” (02:52) by Nэno Bэlchэv, Bulgaria
An attempt to be positive.

“Vision” (02:26) by Nadia Mytnik-Frantova, Canada
The non-narrative quality of music is used to create a series of interrelated images, which evoke a deeply personal story.

“Gashouse egg” (01:19) by Melissa Tamporello, Canada
The piece was created as an homage to those most amazing meal on earth, breakfast.

“Dear Beloved” (06:21) by Orkhan Huseynov, Azerbaijan
This video artwork contains 2 stories that visualize 2 scam emails.

“Selfie Stick” (01:00) by Alberto Mazarro, Spain
A man is stuck to his selfie stick.

“Daze” (04:35) by Manuel Vélez-Arboleda, Colombia
On November 6 and 13, 1985, tragically remembered in Colombia, the football game was interrupted by the live transmission of the capture of the Palace of Justice. The numbers of that day: dead 98 – 11 missing, Millos 2 – 0 Union.

“Butterfly’s Burden” (05:10) by Marjan Ansari, Iran/Canada
Inspired by one of Mahmoud Darwish’s celebrated poems, “The Damascene Collar of the Dove”, the collaged imagery narrates the phenomenal birth of a Syrian infant under Aleppo’s mass bombardment; the symbolic survival of a fetus through an apprehensive cocoon of annihilation.

“Abandoned land” (12:30) by Simo Saarikoski, Finland
The artist documents abandoned places in Finland. The video uses Finland as an allegory to approach recent changes of the European infrastructure and society.

“And So I Said” (05:35) by Sylvia Toy, USA
An improvisation inspired by the claustrophobic experiences that I often had when I regularly auditioned.

“BlackCat & i-Pad” (00:23) by Nэno Bэlchэv, Bulgaria
Technological progress…

“Wasteland” (03:41) by Nicolas Nguyen, Canada
A video essay about Viau wasteland in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood in Montreal.

“Post DIY” (12:18) by Lucine Talalyan, Armenia
The piece is directed after the arson attack on “DIY” queer friendly pub in Armenia. There are two threads of nonlinear narrative: images of static Soviet­‐era buildings shot on expired 16mm Svema b/w film and referring to the society’s inability to transform, and a sex act between two women shot on digital film.

“Passage” (01:12) by Lesya Nakoneczny, Canada
Passage is a one minute video performance action. The mouth is used as a powerful symbol alluding to the relationship between inner and outer worlds, sensorial experiences, and communication.

“Don Federico” (07:54) by Agustina Isidori, Argentina
Don Federico is an experimental short film that proposes an unsettling dialogue between a traditional hands game and a real case of violence against women in Chile.

“Beauty Matters” (10:45) by Chandler McMurray-Ives, Canada
Beauty Matters investigates how love can pervert into obsession, be it in politics, gender limitations or technology.

“No Gods No Managers” (05:11) by Dan Stewart, USA
The piece tackles issues of authenticity, image, and desperation in a post-ironic and late capitalist world.