Deborah Kelly’s response to program 3.1

This edition we reached out to the 86 selected artists asking for those interested to produce a creative response to one of our programs. 12 selected artists emerged as participants on a first come, first serve basis to each create a response work, one for each of the programs, in the media of their choice. Each of the 12 programs will be freshly complemented by this additional work. 

Deborah Kelly, whose work appears in program 10 (February 16 – March 1, 2022), responded with Amphibious to our first program (click image for video):

A mixed media portrait of a figure in black looking off to the side with her hand on her chest. She is pale with white and gold scales on her skin and her hair is a silhouette of tangled snakes. Her lips and nails are painted ruby red.

Amphibious, 2021, collage, ink and watercolour on Garza Papel

Thank you, Deborah! It’s an honour to share your work.

Watch the first program here until October 13th