Applications for our third edition are now closed. More info on screenings coming soon!

Image credit: Art by Charlie Twitch

Thank you everyone who submitted their work for our third edition!

The selection has been finalized, more info on screenings coming soon!

Send your works via FilmFreeway throughout July 31, 2020 – February 15, 2021

Based in Montreal, Canada, Burnt Video Art and Experimental Film Festival is back with its third international edition! We will continue promoting experimental video artworks and experimental films by artists from around the world. We are looking to show radical experimental video art and film, whether abstract, absurd, comedic, critical, queer or uncanny. Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2021.

Burnt Fest is a process driven initiative, themes emerge as the selection process happens. Priority will be given to experimental works that explore urgent personal, social, economic, political, philosophical issues, either specific to the country of the artist, or worldwide, using the experimental approach to storytelling, and imagemaking. Traditional fiction, documentary, action, thriller or other conventional genres are not supported by our fest. 

The screenings will be held in Montreal, Quebec starting July 2021 (venue and date TBA). The fest is 100% independently organized and made possible thanks to the efforts of the organizers, the jury, the audience, and last but most important: the ARTISTS who send in their applications. 

Our jury is comprised of experimental video artists, experimental filmmakers, and art critics from various national backgrounds, currently living in Montreal, Canada. To organize our third edition, we determined a $5 fee for each application. The funds accumulated through the application fees will form Audience and Jury awards cash prizes, as well as cover expenses related to the screenings, and organization of the festival. 

During the past two editions we were able to have only one screening, which made us let go of many great works due to restrictions of time and space. This year our aim is to have multiple screening programs, that being said, it also depends on the volume of applications we receive. 


– we accept video art, experimental film, including works created using mixed techniques and genres; 

– only selected works will be screened;

– please include a short statement / synopsis of the work, and a short artist bio with your application;

– please include at least one or two stills from your work with your application, by attaching them in the “Still Photos” section of your project on FilmFreeway;

– Burnt Fest reserves the right to share stills included in submissions on social media, tributing the artist. We love connecting artists with the growing Burnt Fest community;

– works must be submitted in English or French or with English subtitles, if the original language is neither French nor English;

– maximum duration of the work must be 30 minutes, minimum 1 second; 

– artists can submit a maximum of three works, but each work must be submitted as a separate entry;

– the finished video or film you are applying with must be your original work, plagiarism won’t be tolerated;

– it is your responsibility to make sure you have all the rights to the work you are applying with;

– no restrictions on the date of completion, premiere status or whether your work has been made available online;

– if your work is selected, you should provide a screening copy to the festival; selected artists grant us the right to screen their work; 

– selected works will remain in the archive of the festival and be used during screenings; details of screenings will be communicated to the artists prior to the event;

– depending on the situation with COVID 19 next year, the festival might have to resort to an entirely online format, however, the live screening format is the preferred default; in order to avoid illegal downloading of your work from online video screening platforms, we will carefully consider all the security issues before choosing one;

– in addition to the preferred default, the festival might prepare an online program, again, depending on the circumstances; 

– the fee of $5 per application is non-refundable, even if your work is not selected, or your link does not work at the time of selection process;

– funds accumulated through the application process will form the Jury and Audience awards cash prizes and cover the expenses related to the festival;

– at this moment, the festival is unable to provide screening fees to all the selected artists (if you don’t agree we won’t be able to screen your work, sadly) HOWEVER part of the funds formed through the application process will be dedicated to form cash prizes, as mentioned above; 

– before sending the work, please make sure that your link works, password is correct, and your work displays as you intend to: the jury will not write to artists whose work does not display because of technical issues; 

– if you have to change the password or link after submitting, please update the information on FilmFreeway ASAP, and, just in case, communicate the updated info by email, mentioning also your name and title of your work to;

– by sending your work for consideration you automatically agree to ALL the above rules;

If you have any questions that were not answered above, or have any requests, please write to before sending your application.