third edition begins 30th of September 2021

After much hard work and sleepless nights, the third edition of Burnt is here, featuring twelve programs served up over the course of six months. Each program will be available to view on for a span of two weeks, free of charge. Details on each screening will be published in our newsletter, which you can sign up for here, and at

Staying true to our previous editions, Burnt has remained a process-driven initiative: themes emerged during the selection process, and we arrived at a compilation as outrageous and bizarre as life itself. Join us in witnessing the offerings of an international roster of video art and experimental film that captures the backdrop of vast global and local tensions. We are so proud to bring you this carefully considered edition of fantastically eccentric works. Your support, enthusiasm, and critical gaze is what makes Burnt possible. 

Our endless thirst for experimentation resulted in ditching the Jury Prize for this edition. Instead, we reached out to the selected Burnt artists asking for those interested to produce a creative response to one of our programs. Twelve selected artists emerged as participants on a first come, first serve basis to each create a response work, one for each of the programs, in the media of their choice. As a result, each of the twelve programs will be freshly complemented by this additional work on our website.

In addition, we are keeping the Audience Prize, which determines a winner through audience voting, as per our last live screenings. Get ready for some action! You will be asked to choose a favourite work from each program, so stay tuned to or sign up for our newsletter to keep on top of the biweekly schedule. 

Keep your eyes peeled as we present you with works from 31 countries reflecting on memory, loneliness, absurdity, history, queerness, family, feminism, politics, environmental warning, catastrophe, and the sheer delight of living. We hope you will enjoy it. 🙂 

Join us, will you? Every two weeks, beginning on September 30th, 2021, a new program of approximately an hour will be available online, along with a response from a single participating artist from another program! It will be invigorating, disorienting, fierce, and maybe shocking, serving the usual Burnt protocol.